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How To Get More Of What You Want In Life – Michael Bernoff

Have you ever wanted something in life but couldn’t get yourself to follow through?


Something that you seemed to talk about for months or years but you just failed to act?


So many of us WANT to lose weight, start a business or change some area of our life but find ourselves “stuck” in doing what we want to do.


What if there was a way to do whatever you said you wanted to do?


The good news is that you can really have whatever you want and it’s a LOT easier than you think.


I wanted to bring you one of the top experts in personal development who will show you the exact truth behind getting what you want in life.


Michael Bernoff has had a massive impact on my life and I’m extremely grateful to share his story and top techniques or helping you get more of what you truly want and desire


In this episode you’ll learn…

  • Why we’re all truly capable of getting what we want in life and how to follow through
  • What stops us from taking action or falling off the wagon with our identity
  • How to lose weight, start your business or go after whatever else you want in life (and finally get it)
  • Simple tips to go from “lazy” to inspired almost instantly


I can promise you if you’ve wanted to make any change in your life that this is going to be the KEY to succeeding.


I know how much what Michael teaches has influenced my life and I’m so excited to share the same thing with you


You can learn more about Michael Bernoff at:


You can also get a FREE gift from Michael (which I recommend)

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From College Dropout Turned Entrepreneur Who Followed His Passion to Create Multiple 7 Figure Businesses

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Have you ever had a dream to start your own business – but let life get in the way?


Maybe you felt like you had a great idea – but couldn’t go for it because…..


You didn’t have the money

Lacked the belief you could do it

Said you didn’t have the time

You “needed” a degree

You believed no one would give you a chance


The bottom line is we ALL make excuses – whether it’s about reaching a weight loss goal OR going after a business we’ve wanted to for some time (trust me I know this from personal experience)


What if I told you it IS possible to succeed?


One of my own mentors, Duane Spires, proves how ANYONE can become “self-made” once they make the decision and then act


I know this from personal experience of working with him for the past 6 months


Just like anything, hard work ALWAYS pays off – that’s the motto he lives by


In this episode of Life Inspired you’ll discover:

  • How to turn an idea into a successful business – even without a degree
  • The mindset you need to achieve success in anything
  • How your health directly and indirectly impacts your job or business
  • What entrepreneurs need to know to succeed in growing their business


You will NOT want to miss this awesome episode.


You can connect with Duane Spires directly at: 

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Pejman Ghadimi – From Immigrant To Self Made Millionaire

Download This Podcast Episode Here

Have You Ever Had A DREAM You Wanted To Go After?


Maybe you wanted to start a business?


And then “Reality” hit and suddenly you didn’t believe you could do it


You lost confidence in yourself or faith that it could (or would) work out


Or maybe you weren’t sure how or what to do


Maybe you even said things like “that’s not for people like me”


Or “I couldn’t make it in business””


Those are all things Pejman Ghadimi could have said to himself in his journey to becoming a Self-Made millionaire


In the latest episode of Life Inspired I share a POWERFUL perspective on life from someone that has truly done the work – without the typical excuses that come with it


In this episode you’ll hear:

-How powerful it can be to go from proving other people wrong, to proving yourself right in business in life

-How a self-made millionaire views the work, their work ethic and what it TRULY takes to make it in business

-How mastering your emotions can help you succeed in any area of business

-Why self-awareness is the most underrated skillset to have as an entrepreneur

You can learn more about Pejman here:

You can learn more about his community (which I personally recommend) here:

You can get his best-selling book, Third Circle Theory here