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From College Dropout Turned Entrepreneur Who Followed His Passion to Create Multiple 7 Figure Businesses

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Have you ever had a dream to start your own business – but let life get in the way?


Maybe you felt like you had a great idea – but couldn’t go for it because…..


You didn’t have the money

Lacked the belief you could do it

Said you didn’t have the time

You “needed” a degree

You believed no one would give you a chance


The bottom line is we ALL make excuses – whether it’s about reaching a weight loss goal OR going after a business we’ve wanted to for some time (trust me I know this from personal experience)


What if I told you it IS possible to succeed?


One of my own mentors, Duane Spires, proves how ANYONE can become “self-made” once they make the decision and then act


I know this from personal experience of working with him for the past 6 months


Just like anything, hard work ALWAYS pays off – that’s the motto he lives by


In this episode of Life Inspired you’ll discover:

  • How to turn an idea into a successful business – even without a degree
  • The mindset you need to achieve success in anything
  • How your health directly and indirectly impacts your job or business
  • What entrepreneurs need to know to succeed in growing their business


You will NOT want to miss this awesome episode.


You can connect with Duane Spires directly at: 

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