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How To Turn A Bad Day Around (And Save Your Diet)

Yesterday I woke up early – it was my day to “sleep in” and I figured what better way to start it than with a great workout.

I honestly didn’t sleep great, but I still woke up with my alarm at 430am sharp, went through my morning prep and hit the gym.

I went in for my workout, pushed through a great training session of squats and a handful of other exercises, hit a quick cardio session then freshened up just in time for a morning meeting with my team.

I hit my time right on schedule, hopped in my car and was a few minutes early to Starbucks as my coaches came in.

I debated in my mind if I should get a coffee – I then decided (really, justified it) that I would get a Venti Cold Brew.

If you know anything about me, you’ll know I LOVE my coffee…..the feeling it gives you, the experience, the environment, etc.

It’s One Of My Favorite Parts Of My Day.

There’s one detail I didn’t mention – I had caffeine before my workout.

Do You See The Problem Yet?

Honestly, it probably wouldn’t have been an issue – but there’s 2 things I you should know (and can learn from)

  1. I’ve made a commitment to significantly limit my total caffeine intake and cut off when I have it to 500mg or less no later than 10am  (typically had 500-1000 per day before throughout the day)
  2. The pre workout drink with caffeine + the Starbucks coffee had WAY too much total caffeine for my system

This all came about after committing to improving my health with a higher standard and cutting back my caffeine intake weeks ago.

Now the slightest bit extra is felt – and this time it was for the worse.

I noticed I saw all the immediate benefits – excitement, “energy” – you name it…..then it all came crashing down.

By 930 I felt irritable, anxious – you name it.

I was self-aware that I was in a bad mood and was struggling to re-frame my thoughts in a positive.

I was coaching my clients but I knew I was struggling to give my best and it showed.

So What Does This Mean For You?

What’s interesting is usually I can re-frame a negative thought or low energy state with changing my Physiology through simple exercises that get my heart rate up, going on a quick walk and shifting my mental focus to something that gets me excited or makes me feel fulfilled….but this time I couldn’t.

I learned that I had overloaded my system with caffeine and I had to ride it out.

I felt out of control.

I was extremely negative, wanted to stress eat and didn’t want to really do anything.

I had several commitments lined up for the day and the only thing on my mind was to cancel and back out, to fold.

This Is EXACTLY What People Struggle With When It Comes To Low Energy, A Poor Diet And No Exercise – Ready To Change It?

Unfortunately I had to just ride it out.

I just “did the work”.

I accepted I was having a “shitty” physical and mental state and moved on.

There’s a saying that success is defined by what we do when we feel like doing things the LEAST.

This mindset helped me stick dead on to my nutrition plan, bring on a new client and then what happened next was even better.

I volunteered to help ABC 7 viewers with their biggest health & fitness struggles by taking calls for a few hours.

As I found myself helping people, expecting nothing in return, it allowed me to get back into my “flow” of the true me. Thankfully the caffeine overload had worn off and I could be my over the top, positive self.

I was able to serve others, influence and impact their lives by showing them what the next step with their health and fitness is instead of chasing the latest trend or quick fix.

I literally turned my day around and went to bed feeling incredible – and excited to wake up at 4am today 🙂

So How Do You Pull Out Of A Funk And Keep Committed To Things In Your Life When Down?

Step 1: Clean Up Your Diet

As you saw I was influenced in all ways by what went into my body. I eat super clean with the only sugar in my diet coming from a small bit of fruit so food isn’t an issue for me – in fact it leaves me feeling full of energy. Caffeine is something I MUST control and NOT make justifications around.

Being brutally honest with ourselves – and going cold turkey on crap food is the first step.

Step 2: Own Your State

Movement, the focus of our thoughts and how we communicate with ourselves and others makes all the difference in how we think, act and feel minute to minute.

With nutrition in check all we need to do is prioritize sleep and daily movement of some kind (ideally a training session) and use other strategies to keep our mind calm and our head clear.

Step 3: Give to others

If you’re feeling down or like a “victim” with a “why me?” or “why is it so hard?” mentality, one of the most powerful things you can do is give with expecting nothing in return.

I did this as I genuinely showed interest in what people calling in with questions were asking. I honestly focused on how I could help them with where they’re at now.

Doing something nice for someone will ALWAYS impact your state in a positive way.

Just a few things that will work

  1. Buy someone at Starbucks behind you in line their drink and keep anonymous
  2. Shoot a text to someone you truly appreciate that you haven’t told in a while
  3. Write a note to someone and thank them

It Really Comes Down To A Decision Every Day, Minute To Minute

You have to DECIDE you want to get into and stay in a positive state of mind.

This does NOT just happen on it’s own.

When you are YOUR best, everything becomes a heck of a lot easier – whether it’s showing up for your workouts, sticking with a proper diet, following through on your commitments and excelling in your professional and personal relationships.

Use this frame of thought and the strategies I’ve laid out here to be the best version of you with all areas of your life.

With love and honesty,

Coach John 🙂

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  1. I pulled this piece up again today, to look at the 3 tips at the end of it. I’m so grateful that I remembered it, when I needed it the most.

    Of the 3 tips, I got out and got active. It seemed to work beautifully! 😀

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