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Pejman Ghadimi – From Immigrant To Self Made Millionaire

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Have You Ever Had A DREAM You Wanted To Go After?


Maybe you wanted to start a business?


And then “Reality” hit and suddenly you didn’t believe you could do it


You lost confidence in yourself or faith that it could (or would) work out


Or maybe you weren’t sure how or what to do


Maybe you even said things like “that’s not for people like me”


Or “I couldn’t make it in business””


Those are all things Pejman Ghadimi could have said to himself in his journey to becoming a Self-Made millionaire


In the latest episode of Life Inspired I share a POWERFUL perspective on life from someone that has truly done the work – without the typical excuses that come with it


In this episode you’ll hear:

-How powerful it can be to go from proving other people wrong, to proving yourself right in business in life

-How a self-made millionaire views the work, their work ethic and what it TRULY takes to make it in business

-How mastering your emotions can help you succeed in any area of business

-Why self-awareness is the most underrated skillset to have as an entrepreneur

You can learn more about Pejman here:

You can learn more about his community (which I personally recommend) here:

You can get his best-selling book, Third Circle Theory here

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