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From 9-5 Desk Job To Spokesmodel

Listen To Rickey’s Story Here

Have you ever felt like there was something BIGGER you should be doing?

Maybe you saw yourself helping people, living life on your terms or even doing something you’re more passionate about?

Honestly that’s how my friend Rickey felt

He was doing something that took care of him financially – but left a burning desire inside to go after what he really wanted, which is to inspire others through his pursuit with health and fitness

1 year ago Rickey and I reconnected after having met at our first Physique Competition over 2 years ago

He knew what he wanted – to become a personal trainer and pursue his journey in bodybuilding – but without the 9-5 that left him yearning for more.

Fast forward ONE YEAR from that conversation and he’s not only taken the “jump” after quitting his job, but he’s become successful as a personal trainer on his own (without the help of a big gym) and was selected to represent

You can listen to the episode here

Also, I PERSONALLY recommend Rickey as a trainer if you’re looking for online support or are in the San Diego area

You can learn more about his training programs at 413 Health And Fitness

ALSO – make sure to follow him on Instagram for some powerful motivation! Follow Him HERE


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