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From Childhood Abuse To Successful Entrepreneur – Wesley Chapman

Have you ever had something happen in your past that would make you believe your potential is limited?


Maybe it was a teacher or coach who made you feel your potential was limited?


Or an experience from your youth that still makes you feel a certain way today?


What if you were abused in every way growing up by the people in your life and deemed a “failure” by the system, being fed drugs like candy to “work” like a normal kid?


The crazy thing is that I know someone who had this life.


What’s interesting is that they went on to be EXTREMELY successful in spite of all of the hardships and being labeled “less than” by a failed system that’s still in place today.


Meet Wesley Chapman – Entrepreneur and creator of A Human Project where he helps at risk kids to become empowered and live their true potential even through adversity and hardship at a young age.


This interview will inspire any entrepreneur, small business owner or person to live life with a strong, meaningful purpose behind what they do and why they do it.


You can learn more about Wesley and A Human Project Below

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