Who Is Coach John?

Hello friend 🙂 cropped-Screenshot-2016-05-27-14.40.19.png

I’m excited you’ve come to my blog.

To be honest, I put off setting this up as I was paralyzed with it being “perfect” or “correct” with what I wanted to share.

I realize I have a gift to inspire and influence others to change their lives which has come from radically changing mine and I decided I was no longer going to hold back.

I pulled the trigger – I “jumped” and went all in….much like what most of us need to do when it comes to losing weight, right?

As much as the right training program and nutrition plan is about science, the REAL magic is in the action, the follow through and commitment.

I think we can all agree we do NOT need more information when it comes to changing most areas of our lives (especially our health). What we REALLY need is follow through, commitment and support.

A little inspiration and motivation will 100% get you going on the right plan – that’s what the purpose of this blog is for.

To inspire you to live life differently, the way you truly want it.

Cut toxic habits, people and environments from your life, act on what you say you truly desire and live your best life as you #RaiseYourStandards.

Your Life Changes With A Decision

The first step is always the decision to make a change, but what comes next?

Action, commitment and follow through.

This is what has led me to open an extremely successful gym, help others radically change their habits and lifestyle and make a true impact on the lives of families, friends and their communities.

In fact, I’ve even helped someone radically change their life after losing 70lbs, taught them how to serve others and repeat the process as a skill, then even go on to become an entrepreneur themselves.

This is something I’m proud of – nothing gets more MORE fired up than when I run into someone that spends hours talking about what they WANT to do but detailing out everything that’s stopping them when all they have to truly do is get committed to their dream, whether it be better health, their own business or just pursue their true passion in life instead of wasting away with the typical day to day.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with working 9-5 or spending most days at happy hours – but when it’s not what you TRULY want then it’s time you make a change.

Join Me On This Journey To Change Your Life

Follow this blog and my #RaiseYourStandards Podcast as I share inspirijng stories from REAL people, no different than you who have taken simple, consistent actions to make radical change to their lives.

What’s unique is that I’m not just going to be sharing stories of “successful” people – the requirement is that they value health and fitness and use it as their foundation to manage stress, keep a positive mindset and is their “rock” during the tough times in life.

If they happen to lose a significant amount of weight or radically improve their health, well that’s just a bonus 🙂